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ansimag sealless pumpsThe ANSIMAG sealless magnetic drive non-metallic product line is simple by design. All wetted parts are molded ETFE components to safely handle a generous range of corrosives and solvents up to 250°F (121°C) without corrosion. Sundyne ANSIMAG sealless non-metallic magnetic drive pumps meet exacting ASME / ANSI B73.3 sealless magnetic drive chemical process pump standards. Our highly reliable sealless magnetic pump line covers a wide range of sizes and includes standard external dimensions so that the can easily replace other sealless and sealed pumps without changing piping or baseplates. They also meet standard design specifications and materials of construction. Our innovative rear casing generates no eddy currents thus eliminating heat generation and reducing energy costs. Our pumps are sealless, so there are no leaks, no emissions, no costly seal maintenance and no problems.

From their home office in Fort Smith, Arkansas, Baldmor supports the sales offices/warehouses that stock Baldor products worldwide, selling to distributors and original equipment manufacturers in more than 70 countries. Baldor products are available from 50 sales offices/warehouses in North America and 26 offices serving international markets. These products are produced at 26 plants in the US, Canada, England, Mexico and China.

sliding vane

Sliding Vane Pumps

These pumps have a number of vanes that are free to slide into or out of slots in the pump rotor. When the pump driver turns the rotor, centrifugal force, push rods, and/or pressurized fluid causes the vanes to move outward in their slots and bear against the inner bore of the pump casing forming pumping chambers.

As the rotor revolves, fluid flows into the area between the vanes (pumping cambers) when they pass the suction port. This fluid is transported around the pump casing until the discharge port is reached. At this point the fluid is squeezed out into the discharge piping.

Sliding Vane Hand Pumps

Blackmer sliding vane hand pumps provide a safe, convenient method of dispensing or transferring non-corrosive liquids from drums, barrels, tanks or vats. They are designed for easy, efficient operation in handling a wide range of liquids in industrial, construction and agricultural applications.

Operating on the same principle as Blackmer power pumps, these positive displacement, self-priming, sliding-vane pumps provide steady, non-pulsating flow at easy turning speeds. The sliding vanes self-compensate for wear to maintain high-suction lift and are easily replaced at low cost after years of service.

gas compressors

Reciprocating Gas Compressors

Reciprocating Gas Compressors The single stage, reciprocating compressors create a low-pressure area in the pumping chamber when the piston moves from the highest point of the stroke to the lowest point. Gaseous product (at a higher pressure in the tank) moves into the pumping chamber. This volume of gas is then displaced when the piston moves to the top of the stroke. Equipped with high efficiency valves, ductile iron pistons, self-adjusting piston rod seals and other robust features, these compressors are designed to provide maximum performance and reliability under the most severe service conditions. They are also a critical component in the design of oil and gas vapor recovery units (VRUs).

Blackmer System One

System One MotorsThe simplest type of centrifugal pump is the single stage machine that consists fundamentally of a rotating element, called an impeller, and a casing. Liquid is led to the eye or center of the impeller and is set into rotation by the impeller vanes. By virtue of centrifugal force the liquid is thrown from the rim or periphery of the impeller with a considerable velocity and pressure. The casing, which closely surrounds the impeller, has a volute shaped passage of increasing area, which collects the liquid leaving the impeller, and converts a portion of its velocity energy into additional pressure energy. This casing passage leads to the discharge nozzle of the pump where it is forced into the discharge piping.

EBARA Fluid Handling (EFH), the US sales and service subsidiary of EBARA Corporation, Japan, provides engineered pump, pump products and related services for the water, wastewater, commercial, municipal, energy and power industries offering reliable product knowledge, application expertise and responsive support including aftermarket replacement parts services.

EnviroGear® Pumps group features a complete range of internal gear pumps giving it the full capability to accommodate a wide range of applications. Internal gear pumps are ideally suited where a wide range of viscosities are prevalent and excel in higher viscosity applications.

Gear Pumps

Gear Pumps displace fluid by the gears coming in and out of mesh, which draws the fluid into the pump and then forces the fluid through the discharge and downstream of the pump. The meshing actions of both the internal and external gear pumps are different by design. Internal gear pumps have a rotator and idler gear that come in and out of mesh, while external gear pumps have two coinciding gears that come in and out of mesh—this meshing is what creates the pumping action for both pumps. The overall area between each gear tooth ultimately determines the best-suited viscosity ranges for each type of gear pump.

G Series Sealed Internal Gear Pumps

G Series Pumps are critical in the precise and consistent transfer of highly demanding applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, to name a few. For the past 90 years, companies have trusted their challenging applications.

E Series Seal-less Internal Gear Pumps

E Series Seal-less Internal Gear Pumps feature a revolutionary seal-less design with patented between-the-bearing support system, effectively eliminating leaks and mechanical wear. These environmentally friendly positive displacement gear pumps have been designed to handle both thin fluids as well as hard-to-seal viscous fluids.

Flex-A-Seal is a leading manufacturer of custom engineered mechanical seals, welded metal bellows and the world’s only patented split cartridge mechanical seal. Flex-A-Seal also offers a full line of replacement mechanical seals for a full array of rotating equipment. For over 30 years we’ve been committed to designing and manufacturing sealing products and accessories of the highest quality. Designed, Engineered & Manufactured in the USA.

Mechanical Seals

Flex-A-Seal is a leading manufacturer of custom engineered mechanical seals, welded metal bellows and the world’s only patented split cartridge mechanical seal.

Direct Torque Control

Offers accurate control of speed and torque in dynamic applications. Data is updated 40,000 times per second.

Torque Control

Reduces start currents by up to 30% more than with conventional soft starts.

SR Technology

Allows highly efficient control in sensorless motors without gearboxes, fans, or rotor windings.

Shaft Power Calculation

Offers accurate and reliable monitoring across the entire motor load range, without external sensors.

Mass Flow Meter

Highly accurate flow meter technology combined with check valve functionality and readout of key velocity points.

Over the past four years, Toyo Pumps has been evolving based on our customer’s excellent ideas and feedback. We have been investing heavily in ourselves; attracting top talent from all over the world, streamlining our processes and our systems, partnering with top universities for cutting edge research in hydraulics, hydra-efficiencies, mechatronics and corrosion and abrasive material handling, becoming ISO 9001 certified and designing a new range of game-changing modular submersible slurry pumps.

Sundyne HMD Kontro

HMD Kontro Sealless PumpThe HMD sealless magnetic drive design affords a wide range of operational benefits, making them a worthwhile alternative to traditional sealed pumps. Sundyne sealless magnetic drive pumps present absolutely no risk of emissions or leaks, which can harm productivity, employees and the environment. What’s more, with no seals to replace and streamlined components that are used across the entire Sundyne sealless pump product line, spare parts inventory can be kept at a minimum, helping to reduce your operating budget. The bottom line: using Sundyne sealless magnetic drive pumps in your workflow equates to maximized reliability and up time.

March Pumps Pump

Centrifugal Sealless Magnetic Drive Pump

US Manufacturer Of Centrifugal Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps for Chemical, Industrial, Medical, Marine, Solar and OEM applications.

  • Flows from 1/2 gpm to 200 gpm
  • Heads up to 160 feet
  • Available in plastic and metallic construction
  • AC, DC, Explosion Proof, and Air Motors
  • Submersible and Non-Submersible

You can get Maxeff motors into your plant by either retrofitting your existing motors (Some restrictions may apply depending on the quality of your motors, we’ll help you determine this). Or you can buy new Maxeff motors. We have various retrofit facilities to serve you depending on your physical location.

We can retrofit any size motor of any speed, voltages, frequency and applications. Some restrictions apply depending on the actual quality of your motors internal parts (mainly magnetic core and rotor; and also shaft and bearing housings and journals). On typical retrofit projects, we’ll help you gain the best value for your investment. Thus we’ll study your systems and perform energy audits of your drive systems to guarantee performance and reduction of your motor operating cost.

Mouvex®, a member of PSG®, was founded in 1906, and is a leading manufacturer of positive displacement pumps and compressors for the transfer of liquids or dry bulk products worldwide.

Through a global network of distributors and original equipment manufacturers, Mouvex serves the following markets: refined fuels, oilfield, energy, food /sanitary, military, transport and chemical process.

PSG’s Euro-Center™ located in Grand Terrace, California provides you and your customers some of the best European pump technologies with support capabilities at your reach and in your time zone. Strategically located to serve the Americas, this state-of-the-art facility offers new Almatec® and Mouvex® pumps and parts for sale, repairs and transmission rebuilds, application engineering, along with market and after sales support. The facility is fully staff ed with a team of very talented technicians and pump experts who are motivated and committed to helping you penetrate your market, and solve tough pump application challenges. With product lead times no greater than 5 business days on standard products, the Euro-Center has a multitude of Almatec and Mouvex pumps and parts to help you maintain adequate stock levels to service your market. Along with the many benefits mentioned so far, the Euro-Center also includes a Class 100 Clean Room for ultra-pure pump repairs. Take advantage of the many benefits associated with PSG’s Euro-Center.

MTH Pumps is a commercial and industrial pump manufacturer serving a wide variety of markets and industries including boiler feed, condensate return, chillers / temperature controllers, water services, refrigeration, petroleum, as well as many chemical process applications. Our standard product lines include mechanically sealed regenerative turbines for low flow, high pressure applications (1000PSI & 150GPM) as well as a line of small centrifugal’s (60PSI & 100GPM).

Aurora Pump

Aurora Pump is a leading supplier of pumps and pump systems used in a variety of markets and applications throughout the world. Our pumps are known for consistent, quality manufacturing and performance that outlasts competitors. Aurora Pump draws on its 95 years of experience to provide you with the pumping solutions you need.


In 1986, Pentair purchased the Myers brand of pumps and grinders from McNeil Corporation of Akron, Ohio, vaulting the company to a position of leadership in the wastewater industry, and bringing its customers some of the best wastewater submersible solids handling pumps in the world.

In 1996, Pentair added to the Myers brand product portfolio with the addition of Aplex medium and heavy-duty reciprocating pumps. With a product line known as Myers-Aplex, the Myers brand has earned a reputation as one of the most highly recognized and accepted pump brands, with products proven to outlast some of the world’s most demanding and hostile applications.

Layne Verti-line

Layne/Verti-Line Pumps is a manufacturer and distributor of vertical turbine pumps for the Industrial Process, Agricultural, Utility, Petroleum, Petro-Chemical, Municipal Water Supply and Water Treatment markets. For more than a century, Layne/Verti-Line has been one of the leaders in the industry, constantly improving designs to satisfy changing market requirements.

Southern Cross

Southern Cross is an icon in the water supply and storage market in Australia, New Zealand and many international markets. Grown out of a company established in Toowoomba QLD by Griffith Bros in 1871, the Southern Cross name was first introduced in 1903 with the introduction of one of the first metal windmills produced by the company. This launched “SOUTHERN CROSS” as one of the most recognizable names catering for the supply and storage of water for the agricultural, municipal, industrial, infrastructure, fire and mining industries; Southern Cross pumps have proven proficient in upholding the highest caliber of industry standards.

QCI is a representative and stocking distributor of flow control equipment, process equipment and process instrumentation. QCI maintains a large inventory of valves, gates, actuators and instrumentation to meet our customers’ demanding requirements. Our ability to warranty the material that we sell has earned us high praise from our customers and the owners of the facilities where our equipment is installed.

As a world leader in drive technology and a pioneer in drive-based automation, SEW-EURODRIVE has established a reputation for quickly solving the most difficult power transmission and motion control challenges. We introduced the gearmotor in 1931. In the 80 years since then, we have been bringing the best in drive technology to our customers. That commitment has led to a history of innovations — the first variable speed gearmotor, early development of electronic drives, some of the first successful efforts to decentralize control, and the first motor with energy-efficient copper rotors.

Since 1982 Summit Pump, Inc has manufactured quality pumps and pump parts for industry worldwide. The company mission statement is more than just a plaque on the wall; it is how we strategically go to market. We will “provide quality pumping products in a timely manner, at a fair market price”. Located in Green Bay, Wisconsin we are a privately held and financially strong company. We sell our products worldwide via a dedicated and exclusive distribution network. We pride ourselves in being the Best Value in the market.

Summit offers a wide variety of ANSI, centrifugal pumps with offerings handling low flow applications, self-priming applications, slurry pumps, and general purpose.

Sundyne PumpsFor global companies in the oil, chemical and water process industries struggling with high energy and maintenance costs, Sundyne centrifugal integrally geared and sealless magnetic drive pumps represent a superior performance alternative. Sundyne dramatically reduces operational expenses – which can account for as much as 96% of your budget – by custom engineering pumps to meet your industrial process’ Best Efficiency Point. Built to exacting API and ISO standards, Sundyne pumps run reliably for years without the need for an expensive overhaul. With over 1 million custom combinations available, our integrally geared designs reduce footprints up to 75%, maximizing valuable space; while our innovative sealless pumps eliminate unacceptable emissions, advancing worksite safety and environmental stewardship. The choice is obvious: Sundyne technology delivers the increased reliability and efficiency you demand.


Sunflo High-Pressure PumpThe non-API Sunflo High-Pressure Pump product line harnesses our high-head, low-flow technology and experience for use in General Industry applications. Used by OEMs and end users alike, Sunflo pumps are in service around the world typically in non-API applications such as Boiler Feed, Reverse Osmosis, NOx Suppression, Washdown, Injection, Seal Flush, and Condensate Return. Available in close-coupled, frame-mount, or base plate configurations, you can count on Sunflo pumps to get the job done!

versa-matic pumpsOver the past 30-plus years, the Versa-Matic pump brand has grown into a globally recognized, world class product offering in the semi-positive displacement pump market. These dimensionally interchangeable AODD pumps have become the first choice for competitive, replacement upgrades. In recent years, the product range has been expanded and has undergone extensive performance auditing, quality and safety improvements.

In addition to having a World-Class product offering, the Versa-Matic brand is support by top-notch Customer Service, Application Engineering, and After-Sales Support teams that will service the customer from taking the order all the way through the life of the product.

vertiflo pumpVertiflo Pump Company, Inc. was established in 1979 to design, sell and build packaged lift stations. Since 1981, Vertiflo has concentrated on manufacturing vertical process pumps, sump pumps, end suction pumps and self-priming pumps in cast iron, stainless steel and special alloys.

Vertiflo Pump Company’s vertical, horizontal and self-priming pumps are delivered fast, usually in half the typical lead time! Vertiflo’s vertical sump pump line offers up to 3000 GPM, 250′ Heads and 26′ depth. The horizontal end suction pump line offers up to 3000 GPM and 300’ Heads.

Vertiflo pumps are designed for nonresidential applications and currently over 20,000 are operating successfully worldwide. Vertiflo is recognized as a quality manufacturer of dependable pumps, and continues to grow and encompass new applications in the pump industry.